Waggoner Creek Elementary

Waggoner Creek Elementary School is designed to allow children to discover their genius. Students are given the opportunity to find their own learning styles through an inquiry-based approach which encourages learners to build upon past experiences and knowledge and use their intuition and creativity. Through self-discovery, a child will not only unveil new facts but develop confidence and an appreciation for the world around them.

Staff will differentiate discovery instruction by embracing student differences in the classroom which will cultivate their natural curiosity and promote individual interest. Daily “Discovery Learning Time” opportunities will be student-driven with activities derived through student interests which focus on educating the whole child and developing a strong cornerstone for their K-12 journey. Development of after-school enrichment programs will offer a holistic approach to foster the student’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic and creative potential.

Instructional team members will be required to attend training for the level of excellence expected in providing Discovery Learning. They will be dedicated to the training and implementation requirements of the curriculum model and committed to developing an array of after-school enrichment experiences for the students.

6335 Gibson Lane – Texarkana, Texas 75501

Angie Griffin
Lindy Davis

    Lindy Davis lindy.davis@txkisd.net 903.255.3301

K thru 5

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